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There are counterfeits going around this page. Here are some tips to see if you have an authentic product or counterfeit: -Delivery time is an unusual amount(1-3 Weeks). -The font on the inner sole of the counterfeits is different than the the font on the inner sole on the pictures I took for the post (please reference the pictures on the post). They are clearly different as well as the stitching used on the inside. -Another part that's different is the part above the espadrille on the back heel. On the originals, it is a wood style and on the counterfeits it is a solid style. -The quality is inferior to the quality of the original Soda shoes. -There is no mention of the word “Soda” on the inner heel on some counterfeits. The originals all come with the word “Soda”. STAY AWARE OF THE FAKES ON THIS POST AND AND BUY ONLY FROM US TRUSTED SELLERS. Please help report the counterfeits to Amazon so we can create a safe marketplace for customers. Thank you.Buy from USA Sellers for Authentic Soda shoes!!
100% Vegan
True to Size
Super comfortable for daily wear and walk

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