– In this Vibram Five Fingers review, you'll learn the top 5 pros and cons of wearing vibrams, some of the features, and what pairs are recommended.

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Hi I'm Mark the creator of
BuiltLean.com if you are watching this for the first time

in this video today,

I'm gonna give you a quick Vibram Five Fingers Review

I'm gonna talk about the pros, the cons, a few
other features and the different models

and then I'm gonna finish up with my

I do want to mention I have no
affiliation with Vibram Five Fingers,

I'm just giving you my honest opinion.

I do think you should buy a pair because it's
a really awesome product

so, the first thing to talk about is the pros
and one thing that's really cool about

Vibram Five Fingers is it helps increase
your ankle, your foot, and your total flexibility.

What you'll notice is that when you first put them on,
you might be really really stiff.

And in just a few weeks it's really gonna help with
your flexibility

of your feet, your toes, and ankles.

Second, is the strength of your foot.
Just like any other muscle in your body,

you really do want your feet to be strong.

You know, if you are wearing shoes and sneakers
right now, it's like your foot is in a coffin.

And so, why not make them move naturally
and get them strong and fit like any

other muscle in your body.

The third is that they're very comfortable,
and that's one of the most common questions I get

is, are they comfortable? And I kinda laugh to myself
because they are much more comfortable

than sneakers, and you just have to try them yourself
to understand.

The fourth really huge benefit Vibram
Five Fingers has, is,

it helps improve your balance and so, there're tons
of receptors on your feet and

when you wear Vibrams, those receptors are almost like
right against the ground

so it helps your balance a lot, it also is
a lot much safer in my opinion to do

a lot of different exercises like lunges
and squats because there's 0 heel left.

And it's one big reason why I got one
pair for each member of my family,

for the holidays, and I also recommend, all
my clients at least a pair.

Fifth really big benefit is, it just helps you move
naturally, and improves your posture and spinal alignment

and it's just because it's like an exo-skeleton
for your foot,

it's like you are barefoot, but with a
little bit more protection.

But, while there are a bunch of pros
there are certainly cons.

One big con, is that they can start smelling
really really bad if you don't wash them consistently.

A second negative thing is that your feet can
get sweaty, and the five fingers

and for some people that can be a little
bit weird. A third problem with Vibram's,

is that some people can have some problem
putting them on,

I think that's something that gets easier
as you do it,

but it's a challenge a lot of people face.

A fourth, is that they can take
time to get used to,

because you've been in sneakers your whole life,
when you actually start working out,

and you're basically bare-feet, it can be a little
bit challenging to get a feel for it,

to get your feet stronger, and get them more flexible.

It's a process, it doesn't happen overnight.
It can take at least

a few weeks if not a couple months.

A fifth problem, with the Vibrams,
is that your feet can get very sore,

specially when you are first trying them out,

and so, like after a run, if you are a runner,
I mean they can get pretty sore

you got to be really careful by the way.

If you are planning to run on Vibrams
take it really slow it's gonna take

at least a few weeks if not a couple months

to really build up the strength in your feet
because your foot has essentially been in a coffin

for like, your whole life,

so we really gotta take time to strengthen it
like any other muscle.

And you should give yourself at least a few weeks
to get a feel for it.

Now, in terms of features, there are a ton of different
models of Vibrams,

but the main differences are, number is that
thickness and hardness of the padding on the bottom of

the sole. Some of them are thicker than others,
another one is the overall flexibility

and weight, I love the Vibram Five Fingers,

the third feature is laces vs no laces.

Laces allow for a little bit more comfort,
and they also allow, they accommodate a wider foot.

In terms of my recommendations if you are just
starting out you should get either the

KM-DLS or the Bikila LS….


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