Sundaraanga Jaana Trailer Reaction and Review by Nimish Halkar

Dialogue 1: I don't like manner less people.
Dialogue 2: No one will approach this guy who is manufactured without manners, with a marriage proposal.
Dialogue 3: Love u… Love u… Love u… Love u….

Song bit overlaps….
Nandhana, neene nan prapancha (Nandhana, you are the world to me)

Dialogue 4 (Heroine to Ganesh): Naughtiness, Courage, you have everything in you.
Dialogue 5: (Ganesh's reply): But, I don't have something that I should be having.
Dialogue 6: Any weakness in the boy?
Dialogue 7: He has made this shirt, a pant.
Dialogue 8: You've given the beggar, a desire (wish)..
Ganesh laughs
Dialogue 9: The python is hissing there and you are playing the been here is it? (a flute like instrument used by the snake charmer)
Dialogue 10: Hai … Hai….
Dialogue 11: Excuse Mr Yograj Bhat, what's this new ”'Drama”' ? ( FYI: Yograj Bhat is a star director in Kannada who has directed Blockbuster hit films like Mungaru Male, Galipata, ”'Drama”' etc)
Dialogue 12: You are Lucky is it?
Dialogue 13: I am Lucky, I am Lucky
Dialogue 14: I am also Lucky
Dialogue 15: Then who's the originally lucky?
A loud shout says, ‘Luckyyyyyyyyyy'
Dialogue 16: What Mister, you are creating noise (disturbance), with both the hands in your pockets (‘Double Meaning' Comedy)
Dialogue 17: By the way, you are…
Dialogue 18: The guy who is supposed to marry Nandhana
Dialogue 19: Are u happy?
Dialogue 20: Ayyo…. (Oh my….) We aren't able to control.
Dialogue 21: Why are both of you answering, when one person is questioned?
Dialogue 22: We are ‘AapthaMithras' (closest friends).
Vishnuvardhan….. Ramesh Aravind

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