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K9.02 represents the cutting edge of the sport, with competition-grade materials and radical styling. It incorporates a striking white and transparent blue color combination with special trim details. The special combination of materials and hard features is the result of intensive continual development with pro-riders to achieve a competitive edge at hi-speed, tricks, and landing jumps. It has an upgraded inner boot with moldable ankle and Impact TM inner sole for supporting big landings.
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN? Actually after just one trip down a slope you will ‘get it’. In just one day you can learn to be pretty confident and really have fun! It’s perfectly possible to learn on your own as it feels very natural. You will of course learn faster with a more experienced friend or a trainer. It takes time to be slick, but it's fast to get started. If you skate on ice or in-lines you will probably take to Sled Dogs Snowskates like a duck to water!
PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Technically speaking, Sled Dogs Snowskates are the world’s first patented snowskates, comprising a comfortable, light boot with an integrated unique base/ski fringed with steel edges which grip the snow. Sled Dogs Snowskates combine the freedom and aggressive movements from inline skating and ice skating, with the adventure and challenge of slalom and snowboarding.
NO EXTRA EQUIPMENT REQUIRED! Just warm clothing and a helmet. Ski poles should not be used. Sled Dogs Snowskates are also super-compact for transport back and forth from the ski slopes. We do offer some accessories that may be useful: Doggie walkers are a quick-slip-on cover for the dogs for use when walking on pavement, gravel etc. Another great thing about Sled Dogs Snowskates is that you can walk around anywhere but we recommend Doggy Walkers for extending the life of your dogs.
FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ** Aluminium buckles with micro-adjustment and inverted lower buckle for tighter turns and bigger jumps** 40 mm power strap for added control ** Grab loops front and back for easy tongue and inner adjustment ** Moldable inner-boot with Ultralon moldable foam provides individual custom fit around ankle for extra support and control ** Shock absorbing heel for big landings ** Sled Dogs sizes 8 – 13 ** White/blue color.

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