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Sustainable Leather Sandals, Boho Wedding Women Aubergine Summer Flats, Closed Toe


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Our leather sandals are special & different because: – The sandals are made of premium Italian vegetative processed leather. – Our leather is colored only with natural extracts from plants by ancient recipes in Tuscany (Italy), & not like the majority of sandals from cheap chemically treated leather. Remember that the sandals are shod on bare feet! – They are handmade. Not mass production. – The leather is very soft & will not ulcerate your feet & at the same time does not stretch. – Extremely durable. These sandals are designed for all-day walks. You will wear them the next 3-4 years. – The sandals have a quality certificate, we have the authority to use the logo “Real Italian leather.” Only 7 workshops for processing of leather in the world can provide such authority. – The warranty for all of our products is one calendar year. – They are handmade with lots of love & effort especially for you 🙂 – SIZING FOR THIS MODEL: Inside soles measurements: US5.5 | EU 35 – 8.9 inch / 22.7 cm US6.5 | EU 36 – 9.2 inch / 23.4 cm US7 | EU 37 – 9.5 inch / 24.1 cm US8 | EU 38 – 9.7 inch / 24.7 cm US9 | EU 39 – 10 inch / 25.4 cm US9.5 | EU 40 – 10.3 inch / 26.1 cm US10.5 | EU 41 – 10.5 inch / 26.7 cm How to measure? 1/Please step on a piece of paper & outline your foot. 2/Now measure the longest distance (from heel to tip of toes). 3/Check the table above to see where you stand. – ENVIRONMENT: OUR SANDALS ARE in COMPLETE HARMONY WITH THE ENVIRONMENT! The vegetative treatment is a process born in the nature. The vegetative processed leathers contain no toxic substances such as azo dyes, nickel, pentachlorophenol, chromium VI, all substances that are harmful to humans & the environment. These substances are the main causes of a number of allergies. Due to the absence of heavy metals & the presence only of natural extracts, the leather is in perfect harmony with the environment. Additional information: – The technological process is subject to strict continuous monitoring, with which to ensure the low impact on the human the environment & the right natural selection of the materials. This control is performed by the “Italian Society of Allergological, Environmental & Occupational Dermatology” (SIDAPA). – Due to their biological characteristics, all waste products at the very process are recyclable. – The tanneries of leather make huge investments, with which to be able to control the waste process. – Many of the substances used in the tanning process are recovered, recycled & reused in different fields, mainly used in agriculture. – FOLLOW US: www.facebook.com/CruponSandals Sustainable Leather Sandals, Boho Wedding Women Aubergine Summer Flats, Closed Toe

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