100% Cruelty Free 6 Wool Dryer balls from our Sanctuary Flock of Rescued Sheep



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100%wool 6 extra larger dryer balls I make them by hand and the sizes are never exactly the same….the smallest will be about the size of a tennis ball (9mm) the largest so far has been softball size (15mm) PLEASE NOTE I returned safely with the sheep pulled during the evacuations (you can see them on facebook and the video of me driving in as everyone else was driving away to safety)….Im very grateful we made it out and Im making dryer balls as fast as I can to fill the orders. http://bit.ly/SafeHarborWoolworksSanctuary You can also donate directly via PayPal (SafeHarborWoolworksgmail.com) towards the costs of the rescue trip this offsets the cost of the rescue trips (gas, truck rental, medical bills and Im going back in a few months for two that were found with bloody hooves covered in soot after I left. We have no idea how they survived the campfire and got out of Paradise alive their story along with the documentation of their rescue is on Facebook they are being boarded and cared for until I can go back for them. Made in Kentucky by me and me alone. From wool sheared by my husband and myself from our flock of rescued sheep at Safe Harbor Woolworks. I make each batch of dryer balls when orders come in. I dye the wool from plants grown on my own land and experimenting with different combinations has produced some wonderful color combinations. ALSO PLEASE NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING IVE HAD A NUMBER OF ORDERS TAKEN FROM THE PICK UP BOX AND NOT BY THE POST OFFICE SO UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE I WILL BE DRIVING THE 40 MILE ROUND TRIP TO HAND DELIVER ORDERS TO THE POST OFFICE MYSELF ON WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS. AS EACH ORDER EQUALS 3 BAGS OF FEED OR 4 BALES OF HAY IT TAKES TWO ORDERS PER DAY JUST TO COVER THE HAY BILL SO STOLEN ORDERS ARE JUST UNACCEPTABLE. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. Special colors and orders are done by request and only if I can pull off the color you wantits not always possible but I do try. Each order may also contain natural shades of offwhite, gray, silver, brown, blueishgray, lavender, cocoa and cream as those are the natural shades of my sheep. I use everything from dandelions to cranberries to salt spray roses to obtain my colors and all are carefully rinsed then washed again during felting to be sure the colors are true. WHY BUY DRYER BALLS? AND WHY BUY MINE? Softens Laundry Naturally No Chemicals or Synthetics Used (great for those with sensitive skin babies) Shortens Drying Time 20 % 45% depending on number of balls used and size of laundry load (use 3 balls for small/med load, 56 for large) ExtraLarge (larger than a tennis ball,) Handmade, Ecofriendly, Saves Energy by reducing the amount of gas/electric need to run dryer Lasts for a ThousandPlus Loads, Replaces Dryer Sheets Liquid Fabric Softeners, Saves Money. (A healthy, petroleumfree alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls) I use only Unicorn Scour Power and Seventh Generation Soap (part of the Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Program). They are free of dyes, irritants, phosphates, fillers and made in the USA. (see their links below for more information) WHY BUY MY DRYER BALLS? All proceeds support my working sanctuary. 100% of every penny I earn from my etsy shop goes directly to the care of the sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and our rescued horses. I have a full time job which pays my share of the mortgage and bills. I started doing adult coloring books when it was suggested I could do one to raise funds for a local animal rescue group I support. Then one night after I finished a deadline I read about people using wool pillows to solve allergy problems (and after being transferred from the east coast to Kentucky my allergies had been a yearround misery) I went on Etsy as I have loved some of the stunning handmade clothes, sweaters and jewelry Id bought for both myself, and for gifts. So I started my search….and then I conducted due diligence to be sure the wool that would go into my pillows could be tracked and traced to the source and be sure it was humane, crueltyfree and NOT a byproduct of the meat industry. (I dont oppose or belittle people that eat meat especially if its locally sourced and done properly but I despise shameless marketing that is untrue)….I found all these Etsy shops with little lambs being cuddled by kids only to learn things Id wished Id not. For me its pretty simple. If the wool is a byproduct of the lambs you send to market or right to the slaughterhouse at 90 days sold then have the courage to stand by that and state it as a fact in your product description. Im not the only one wandering this planet trying to live in a way that reduces my footprint and attempts to live in a way that supports my beliefs that first we must attempt not to deliberately cause harm or pain. So I looked at my husband one night and said, I want sheep. He laughed and kept reading. I leaned forward and said, Im serious. I want sheep. He thought Id lost my mind. I was a city girl. I left a waterfront condo and the paved sidewalks I stomped on with high heels happy as a clam for years to move south. I didnt even have a garden and had never even seen a real live cow until I was on a skiing trip in my midtwenties. He listened as I babbled on about everything Id learned. I pointed out Id bought this foreclosed rundown old farm and planned on fixing it up to resell at a profit when we went back to the coast. Wed spent a fortune fixing it up, moved in and did nothing with it, not even a garden. Now we were here and it was just us and a few dogs so why not let the land be used to do some good? Why not help? I convinced him to let me run with my idea when I pointed out that the sheep would cut down on his mowing time and Id take classes and learn how to do something with the wool. The downside is I have spent thousands on fencing (safe for sheep), sheep huts, a hay building, a truck to pull the hay and horse trailer, spinning wheels (2), carder, picker, handcarders, putting in a utility sink to process the wool in the laundry room. And so after a year of just paying for all their feed (hay alone costs me 600 a month), vet bills, meds, wormers, drenching, foot trimmers, Horner sheep clippers myself I decided to launch my own etsy shop and sell things I make from their wool. So thats how it started….I rescued my first three sheep after their owner had passed away from breast cancer (they were in foster care in Illinois), then a few more, then somebody needed a home for a lone llama, and so and so on…..(we now have three llamas)…..and somebody needed a home for her pet geese as the owner was going into a nursing home…. Now we have 28 geese including Peepers who was being sold for food as she has a deformed legshe hops but gets around just fine. A few pet chickens and guinea fowl (they are great to keep ticks down), our dogs, a few cats that showed up and decided to stay (even after they were spayed), the sheep, the llamas, 2 pygmy goats, a few alapacas (right now we are just fostering them) and 3 horses (not ridable they just are enjoying being horses) and two ducks. Claire uses a custommade wheelchair my husband designed and made for her (she lives in the house) along with Duckish who got here first (he shocked us when we got some duck eggs for baking and I looked with a flashlight to be sure when we got home (we bought them at a local fair) and one had a little duck growing inside)….a few days before Christmas he hatched….and hes a wonderful little buddy to the dogs. So far my yarn goes as fast as I can spin it to people that find me on facebook (and the local knitting club). I am not offering any pillows this year as each one takes me a day to handpick and I dont have the time. So no pillows until I can afford to get a used minimill set up. We will be moving the entire lot to the west coast in just two years when my husband retires from his job…..we will document the whole adventure of moving all the animals with a gopro (it should be epic….we have to hire at least 5 drivers to move them safely and comfortably) but until we win the lottery or my book sales are enough to cover it all Ill be making pretty dryer balls to help keep my animals fed and safe. To find out more about us and follow my rescue transports, making dryer balls and pictures of me at the drawing table (when I get some free time) you can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SafeHarborWoolworks/ http://www.unicornclean.com/shop/powerscour https://www.seventhgeneration.com/blog/proudbecrueltyfree https://www.leapingbunny.org/