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Love your heels with our Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions Kit!

Not only will you get metatarsal foot pads but ball of foot pads as well! You will enjoy the comfort and support while relishing in the lack of pain! Don’t look anywhere else. Buy now to get this special offer and all over foot support.

  • Especially Designed with High Heels in Mind – Our food pads make heels safer and more comfortable with anti-slip and effective pain relieve!
  • Strut Pain Free – Made of durable gel and cloth our pads are latex-free and provide all the support and cushion you could need. Take that pressure of your feet and dance the night away
  • Treat Your Feet – Our orthopedic gel inserts not only absorb that shock but they sooth a large variety of foot conditions! Regular use can even help realign your feet that have been stretched and weakened after years of heels.
  • Universal Fit For a World of Feet – While we designed these pads with heels in mind they are perfect for use in any type of footwear and any type of foot! Big or small we got you covered.
  • No Slip, No Slide and Easy Clean – Our pads really a get on grip, on your feet that is. They are both non-slip and textured to prevent slipping and sliding. If they start to stink clean with mild water and soap for continued use of their antimicrobial goodness. 


📦 What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Pair of Ball of Foot Cushions
  • 1 Pair of Metatarsal Pads

STRUT YOUR STUFF PAIN FREE – Designed to cradle your metatarsal bones. Those pesky bones are the main cause of your pain. When we wear our beloved heels our weight shifts to the front and increases pressures on our metatarsal bones. However, you don't need to worry our pads will shift that balance, get rid of that pressure and let you walk you best walk. Feel free to dance the night away knowing in the morning you won't have soak those feet.
THE BEST PADS FOR YOUR FEET – You will not find a better pair of pads anywhere else. These shoe pads sooth a large variety of conditions from plantar fasciitis to broken metatarsals. Our corrector support pads are orthopedic quality so do not fret with having to get extra pedicures to relieve those corns and blisters.We also care about you have included a pair of ball of foot cushions that you can wear for even extra care of your gorgeous feet.
GO GREEN SAVE MONEY – We all need to do our part to save our planet!! You can do your part while taking care of yourself! Not only are our pads self-adhesive and non-slip but they are easy to clean and reusable. Talk about a win-win! We also know people of all shapes and sizes love heels so our pads will stretch to cover even the widest of feet. So, no matter who you are we got you covered.
ENJOY PAIN FREE SEXY – Imagine strutting your stuff on a night out. You feel like you look like a million bucks. You see heads turning to stare and you want to just smile letting the world know you are just as amazing as you look but instead all you can think about is how bad your feet hurt. It's not fair is it? You just spent all this time making sure you are flawless but this nagging, burning pain just won't go away. Beat that pain before it starts with our expertly crafted, gel based inserts.
EASY CARE EASY LIFE – We all know we don't need our feet to stink. Nothing can ruin a night of fun faster. Luckily our relief pads are antimicrobial to defeat even the strongest odors. If they get a little ripe just wash with warm water and mild soap. Good as new just like you will feel once you slip these into your soles!

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