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Odetina is a brand of footwear. We firmly hold true to life. Dear friend, the color may be a little different because of the exposure degree. Any questions, please just feel free to contact us, we will try our best to service you. Any advice are welcomed!
Listing Size(US Size)4—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 210-215mm—Measurement 215mm
Listing Size(US Size)4.5—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 215-220mm—Measurement 220mm
Listing Size(US Size)5—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 221-225mm—Measurement 225mm
Listing Size(US Size) 5.5—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 225-230mm—Measurement 230mm
Listing Size(US Size) 6—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 231-235mm—Measurement 235mm
Listing Size(US Size) 7—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 236-240mm—Measurement 240mm
Listing Size(US Size) 7.5—Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 241-245mm—Measurement 245mm
Listing Size(US Size) 8—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 245-250mm—Measurement 250mm
Listing Size(US Size) 8.5—Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 251-255mm—Measurement 255mm
Listing Size(US Size) 9—–Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 256-260mm—Measurement 260mm
Listing Size(US Size) 10—-Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 261-265mm—Measurement 265mm
Listing Size(US Size) 10.5—-Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 266-270mm—Measurement 270mm
Listing Size(US Size) 11—-Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 271-275mm—Measurement 275mm
Listing Size(US Size) 11.5—-Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 276-280mm—Measurement 280mm
Listing Size(US Size) 12—-Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 281-285mm—Measurement 285mm
Listing Size(US Size) 12.5—-Heel to Toe(Foot Length) 286-290mm—Measurement 290mm1.Heel height: Approx 4.92inch; Platform: Approx 1.38 inch.(New arrival, these black boots arrived in US on 1st. August with black heel cap. Dear friends, please have no worries about the heel cap. Any questions, please just feel free to contact our customer service.)
2.Finished with faux leather and antiskid rubber sole.
3.Featured by closed toe, sexy comfortable chunky high heels show good figure of body and reduce the pressure of calf.
4.Gorgeous personalities design rivets studded details adds the chic and elegant taste which catch eyes from the crowd.
5.Solid color punk boots are suitable for night club, evening party, dress, pants, or every occasion.