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Luna Sandals are ultra lightweight minimalist sandals for road running, trail running, walking, and trekking. Luna Sandals are durable, comfortable and perfect for a variety of terrain and activities.

These minimalist, huaraches-style sandals help preserve foot health and proper toe anatomy by staying out of the way of your foot, and they help prevent some of the most common toe, foot, and leg problems, including bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, plantar fascia pain, shin splints, runner's knee, and neuromas.

Beneficial Design Features

Luna Sandals possess several key beneficial design features that set them apart from other footwear.

First, Luna Sandals are completely flat from heel to toe, which provides a very stable support base upon which your foot can function. Foot stability improves when both ends of your main foot arch, your medial longitudinal arch, are on a level plane, not tilted, as is so common in conventional footwear.

The two ends of your medial longitudinal arch are your heel bone and your forefoot (including your toes). Luna Sandals allow both ends of your arch to be in line with one another, providing you with optimal stability and the best possible support base.

Another beneficial design feature of Luna Sandals is the width of the forefoot area. This width, combined with the unobtrusive strapping system, allows your toes to spread or splay the way nature intended. Many other sandals possess toe straps that squish your toes together, contributing to toe deformities over time.

Well-splayed toes are a part of normal human anatomy, and long-term foot health involves preserving or restoring this toe splay by using non-toe-deforming footwear, such as Luna Sandals. Toe splay is particularly important during weight-bearing activity, such as running, because it enables your medial longitudinal foot arch to support itself and prevents excessive pronation, or inward rolling of your ankle.

The third beneficial design feature, alongside a completely flat support platform and a footbed that is widest at the ends of your toes, is flexibility. Luna Sandals possess an extremely flexible sole, which helps improve your ground feel and awakens the muscles that act in and on your foot. Luna Sandals' flexible sole encourages a strengthening of your foot muscles and promotes a more natural running style. The soles of these sandals can be easily bent or twisted and provide more than adequate protection for the bottoms of your feet.

Other Key Features

Every Luna Sandal has rock climbing-strength tubular nylon strapping that's comfortable on the foot and between the toes and minimizes friction along contact points. These sandals also possess an adjustable buckle for maximum personalized comfort and fit as well a comfortable elasticized heel strap for easy slip-on and slip-off. The strapping system allows you to customize your Luna Sandals to your unique foot and toe length and keeps your foot rooted in place to prevent it from sliding around on the sandal's footbed. The flat plug at the bottom of the toe prevents discomfort and improves the sandal and strapping longevity.

These sandals also possess durable Vibram neoprene soles that work well on all sorts of terrain, providing plenty of grip on slippery surfaces and making it easy to find footing on rocks, logs, and other trail features.

Finally, the open-air nature of this footwear exposes your skin and toenails to light and air, which in turn reduces the likelihood of microbial infection.


So, Luna Sandals are my go-to warm weather running shoes, due to their lightweight nature, their foot-healthy design features, and the ground-feel they afford. I like being able to feel the ground when I walk and run, and Luna Sandals allow me to experience this, but without the same level of sensitivity that comes with barefooting. I like the very primal feeling that I get when I wear these sandals, and I like having my feet and toes exposed to nature. I also really like the comfortable and adjustable strapping system that doesn't dig into my skin or cause friction burns.

Natural Footgear Certified

We're pleased to say that Luna Sandals are Natural Footgear Certified, which means that they live up to our strict criteria for what constitutes a healthy and beneficial natural foot product.

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