La Sportiva Kataki Women’s Review: A Beginner’s Look

Are you interested in the La Sportiva Kataki Women’s climbing shoe?

Since we couldn’t find any helpful information specifically about the women’s shoe before we purchased it, we wanted to put together our thoughts and hopefully help you guys out!

Climbing for 8 months; just completed her first V5

Original Shoe: Scarpa Origin (40 EU)
Current Shoe: La Sportiva Kataki Women’s (38 EU)
Break-in Period: 4 weeks, 2x week

**They weren't in store so we couldn't try them on, but tried other lace shoes to compare. Despite being able to fit into a 37, we decided on a 38 because of the Kataki's aggressive fit, leaving room for the laces to adjust fit where needed.

– fantastic colors
– good transition into aggressive fit
– better underhang precision
– more confidence on smaller holds
– huge improvement from starter shoes
– laces allow for custom fit

– painful break-in period
– heel-liner caused some discomfort
– laces take slightly more time

Hope this helps and happy climbing!

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