GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes 2016 Summer Collection

Sleek style and superior comfort combine in the newest collection of elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi. The 2016 Summer collection includes a number of new styles created from exquisite Italian craftsmanship and rare materials that sit at the very height of luxury. Experienced designers have created a line of footwear intended to increase height discreetly while maintaining an impeccable sense of style that speaks to the modern man and woman.

Edgy elegance personified, the GuidoMaggi 2016 Summer collection is filled with an array of designs intended to entice. Premium materials such as python, baby alligator and South African ostrich are used to create a line of shoes unlike any other. With a style for every man, GuidoMaggi’s fine selection of elevated shoes is designed to make a statement in the most discreet way. There are dressy styles for all of the seasons’ most important social events, as well as casual sandals and sneakers for added height while at the beach or on a luxury vacation abroad. Our luxury boot collection is capable of adding as much as 4 inches of height, all while maintaining an air of sophistication.

In addition to unsurpassed style, GuidoMaggi’s shoes revel in comfort. A superb fit is a necessity in luxury footwear, and GuidoMaggi shoes utilize 21st century technology to create a fit custom made for optimal comfort.
The discreet increase in height GuidoMaggi shoes offer is made possible through an advanced ergonomic design, complemented by high-quality materials. A cushioning system ensures maximum comfort, while features like full soft leather lining, a full grain leather upper and sewn-at-sight construction add to the luxurious vibe of this outstanding footwear.  

GuidoMaggi shoes are as unique as the label’s clientele. Our limited edition collection consists of a number of stunning designs, including fashion-forward hand-painted styles. A chic line of elevator shoes designed specifically for women boasts the same impeccable style seen in our men’s collection. This casual footwear combines an increase in height and a keen sense of style, seamlessly.

Whether your style is classic or trendy, dictated by modernity or an appreciation for all things vintage, there is a shoe just for you within GuidoMaggi’s extensive selection of height increasing footwear.

Visit to view the entire 2016 Summer collection, as well as a wide variety of versatile styles for any time of year.


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