I tried to find as many exact matches as I could. The ones I could not find I put in links for similar items. Hope you ladies and gents enjoy!!

1) Nike Benassi- up to size 12

2) Old Navy Flip Flops- up to size 14

3) Maui Island Furry Slides- up to size 13
(Similar shoe linked below)

4) Marbella Pearl/Rhinestone Sandals- up to size 13

5) Palm Braided Sandals- up to size 12

6) Cloudwalkers Brandy Sandals- up to size 12
(Similar shoe linked below)

7) Bamboo Interest Sandals- up to size 11
(Similar shoe linked below up to US size 12 based on conversion from EU to US sizing)

8) Ashley Stewart Gladiator Sandals- up to size 12
(Similar shoe linked below)

9) Chelsea Moreland Soho- up to size 13

10) Nike LD Runner- up to size 11

11) Jordan Reveal- up to size 15 (mens)


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