I have flat feet, so I always look for shoes with good arch support. Finding good arch support in slip-on flip flop sandals is not that easy, but these sandals have excellent arch support. The shape of the sole fits my foot very well. The heel is slightly sloped so my foot rolls as I walk.

These sandals are made out of soft plastic (combination of EVA and rubber particles), it is not super soft like foam but soft for plastic. You can see me squeezing the sandals in the video to get a better idea of their softness. This texture makes the sandals very comfortable and I can wear them all day. They are light weight, each sandal is 6.2 oz.

Overall the sandals are very comfortable. There are a couple of things you need to know about the sandals:

1. They are sized large. I ordered size Women 8. The sandals I received are bigger compared to a typical US 8W by 1/2″ in both toe and heel. I would say they are size Women 9 or Women 9.5. I requested a size exchange rather than the return because they felt comfortable.

2. These sandals shrink in size if they are left in the direct sunlight. These warning exists on vendor’s website and I saw the shrinkage mentioned in Amazon reviews. So this is not a beach sandal!

Link to manufactures web site:

Ali Julia review