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Think of a grizzly bear and what comes to mind–a timid fuzzball looking for a hug? More like a fierce beast looking for his next meal. Dr. Marten's R12721001 Grizzly Ironbridge Boots are ready to devour your work floor with superior strength and stabilizing traction.The slip- and oil-resistant PVC outsole is heat sealed and welted on for added durability. This tread design can take on the toughest terrain without flinching. The padded footbed delivers soft support toe to heel while the moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The Grizzly water-resistant leather keeps water out of your boots and provides sturdy protection against the elements. You'll have a safe walk in the most extreme work environments thanks to the ASTM-approved steel toe. Bring out the beast within by powering your walk with Dr. Martens' R12721001 Grizzly Boots. Sizes Manufactured: UK 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13Please make sure when ordering that you convert your USA size to UK.To convert, subtract one size for men and 2 sizes for women.Example:UK 7= Men's USA 8 | Women's USA 9UK 8= Men's USA 9 | Women's USA 10UK 9= Men's USA 10 | Women's USA 11UK 10= Men's USA 11 | Women's USA 12UK 11= Men's USA 12Water-resistant
Removable Smartmask insole
Cosmo moisture-wicking lining

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