Should you get that pair of Clarks boots you've been eyeing for some time now?

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The difference between the $190 Clarks desert boot and 130 dollar version:

Supposedly, the expensive version is more hard-wearing and luxurious. I have to say the leather is quite nice, it's a soft supple suede leather and on the inside, you can find a scotch grain like texture. What that means is simply the suede is reversed which is very typical of a leather that you see from steed. On the other hand, the less expensive version has a suede-like texture on both sides which means the smoother outside was sanded down and overall, $190 boot has definitely a more superior leather.

When it comes to the welt, you see a higher stitch density on the Italian version than on the less expensive version. Normally, on a Goodyear welted shoe, a higher stitch density indicates a higher quality but in this case, the shoes are not Goodyear welted and I don't think it matters in everyday life.

In terms of fit, walkability, and comfort, I find it to be all very similar. In terms of sizing, I think the Clarks run true-to-size if at all, a little smaller. They're a little wider in the heel but I have very slim heels. If you usually were Goodyear welted dress shoes, the Clarks will feel a lot softer. If you are used to trainers, you might think you have to break them in. It's all upon perspective!

So is it worth it? What's the verdict?
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