Price: $23.62
(as of Jan 23,2019 13:42:15 UTC – Details)

US:5.5 ➣ Size(CN):35
Foot Length:22.0-22.5cm/8.7-8.9″ ➣ Foot wide:8.5cm/3.3″

US:6 ➣ Size(CN):36
Foot Length:22.5-23.0cm/8.9-9.1″ ➣ Foot wide:8.5-9cm/3.3-3.5″

US:6.5 ➣ Size(CN):37
Foot Length:23.0-23.5cm/9.1-9.3″ ➣ Foot wide:9cm/3.5″

US:7 ➣ Size(CN):38
Foot Length:23.5-24.0cm/9.3-9.5″ ➣ Foot wide:9-9.5cm/3.5-3.7″

US:7.5 ➣ Size(CN):39
Foot Length:24.0-24.5cm/9.5-9.7″ ➣ Foot wide:9.5cm/3.7″

US:8 ➣ Size(CN):40
Foot Length:24.5-25.0cm/9.7-9.9″ ➣ Foot wide:9.5-10cm/3.7-3.9″

US:8.5 ➣ Size(CN):41
Foot Length:25.0-25.5cm/9.9-10.1″ ➣ Foot wide:10cm/3.9″

US:9 ➣ Size(CN):42
Foot Length:25.5-26.0cm/10.1-10.3″ ➣ Foot wide:10-10.5cm/3.9-4.1″

US:9.5 ➣ Size(CN):43
Foot Length:26.0-26.5cm/10.3-10.5″ ➣ Foot wide:10.5cm/4.1″

US:10 ➣ Size(CN):44
Foot Length:26.5-27.0cm/10.5-10.7″ ➣ Foot wide:10.5-11cm/4.1-4.3″Women's cute comfy fuzzy knitted memory foam slip on house slippers indoor women's cozy velvet memory foam house slippers non slip soles women's faux fur lined suede house slippers Navy and pink heels navy suede high heel shoes navy suede peep toe heels navy platform heels suede pumps black suede pumps black suede platform pumps suede pump shoes maroon suede pumps sandals blue sandals blue strappy sandals red white and blue sandals women's blue sandals blue and silver sandals blue sandals
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