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A Foot-Healthy Dress Shoe for Women

The Ahinsa Ananda Ballerina is a lightweight and foot-healthy dress shoe that helps restore and improve foot health in a natural way.

Wide Toe Box, Flexible Zero Drop Sole, Barefoot Feel

With an adjustable velcro strap, the Ballerina fits snugly around your heel yet offers an abundance of space for your toes to splay. The flexible zero drop sole helps enable natural arch support. These features allow your foot to function the way nature intended; that is, strong and stable on its own.

Works with Correct Toes & Other Beneficial Footgear

Wearing the Ballerina in combination with Correct Toes and other helpful natural footgear, including Injinji toe socks and Pedag metatarsal pads, helps alleviate or prevent common foot problems such as bunions, crooked toes, ball of foot pain, and plantar fasciosis.

Our customers who wear the Ballerina find it to be comfortable and flexible and ideal for wearing in the workplace or around town.

A high-quality, handcrafted minimalist shoe, the Ballerina is Natural Footgear Certified. This means that it lives up to our high standards for what constitutes a foot-healthy product.


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