The most horrible and ugly and high heels you could ever buy!

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Shoes tend to be loved by all shopaholics and fashionistas. From Jimmy Choos to Steve Madden, we all secretly want the best looking shoes out there. That’s why shoe designers from all over the world try to design a shoe that wants to be worn by everyone.

But, not every design could suit all eyes. Even shoes could have some fashion fails sometimes. You would think all shoes are made for walking, however when you see any of these shoes, you won’t be caught wearing them anytime soon. Some shoes are mimicking monsters or even ex-girlfriends, which is quite bizarre. We understand fashion is an art form, but sometimes designers go way too far.

We dug the Internet to find the weirdest looking shoes out there. Why would anyone want to buy these shoes anyway? Honestly, we can only see Lady Gaga wearing any of these crazy shoe designs. Some of us prefer to wear shoes that are simple, chic and easy to wear.

Whether it’s for art or actual shoe wear, bad taste and horrible designs are never a good mix. You are not going to believe how weird these shoe designs can get. Check out the strangest shoes we have ever seen.

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