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Hey guys. Here's a few fashion hacks that can be very useful.
1-2) You can use vodka as a cleaning agent, or you can use it to remove odour on your clothes/shoes. All I did is to dilute the vodka with some water. The solution helps cut right through sunscreen or sunblock on your sunnies. Vodka is also antiseptic which is great to remove the bacteria on your sunnies! On top of that you can use vodka to clean your windows!

3) Removing oil stains with baby powder. This actually works as powder absorbs oil. Leave it for a couple of hours or even 24 hours. Dust it off and see whether there is anymore oil stain. If there is, then apply more powder. Don't wash it until the oil stain is gone! It will be more difficult to remove the oil stain after you have washed it.

4) Cleaning White shoes. So as you guys know. I am obsessed with white shoes and keeping them white was challenging at first. I have tried several methods and finally found the most effective method, that is cleaning it with chux. I have cleaned it using detergent and water, and also with bleach. What that did it that it leaves nasty yellow stain on the shoes. It looks like water stain. I was not very happy about that so I decided to use the left over magic chux I have at home. I use it to remove marks from my white table and walls. So I thought I would use it to clean up all the yellow marks/stain on the shoes and it worked! I had no idea that it is going to work. It is honestly the most effective way to clean your white shoes. I have also used baking soda/water mix before but it does not work as great as using chux. You can definitely try it if you don't have chux at home because it does work, but not for really stubborn scuff marks. You can also try baking soda/white vinegar mix. That is slightly stronger but overall using chux is my favourite method.

5) Ironing collars with flat iron. So much easier that using an iron or steam iron. Less chance of burning your hands too!

6) Expanding your heels or shoes by leaving them in the fridge with zip lock bags filled with water for a day, or more! It will definitely expand the shoes but don't recommend it to expensive leather designers heels because there will be water condensation on the shoes when you took them out from the fridge. Alternatively you can try wearing thick socks and stuff your feet in the shoes. This is going to be difficult because the shoes are already tight. Then use your hair dryer to heat up the shoes to expand it. Again you don't want to do this to your leather shoes because you may damage your shoes! My heels was a pair of faux leather heels. So if you want to buy expensive designer's shoes, you better get your size right. If not return it! Most shops have good return policies haha 🙂

7) Use a glue gun to fix hem. Make sure you let your glue cool down a little before you apply on your clothes. Apply just a little and your hemline is fixed! Make sure you don't use it on chiffon, silk and heat sensitive fabrics because these fabrics do not react well with high heat.

8) Use a salad spinner to dry hand washed clothes. This is really useful for us girls who hand wash our intimate apparels!

9) Remove odour with tea bags or baking soda. I have tried baking soda in the past and it can get really messy! Tea bags is a less messy and easier option.

10) Clean suede with a clean toothbrush. This works but stroke it softly and best in one direction. You will be surprised how much better your suede looks!

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