Hot Shoe Collections

Hot Shoe Collections

Shoe Collection 2016//T.U.K//Iron Fist//Underground||HollypopVintage


Hoiiyaaaa guys! 😀 Welcome back to my channel, and please enjoy this video of this little stumpy weirdo showing off her shoe collection. Sorry that some of the shoes are not labelled as to where they're from as some of them were gifts, (So I'm not sure where some of them are from) but I really hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching!

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Hot Shoe Collections

Shoe Collection | Lauren kathrynn



This is a pre recorded video, as I wanted something to go up this weekend, I want to spend some time with my family over the next few days so I will try and film but I have also got some things planned and would like to just have some chill time, so if there is no video on Wednesday I'm sorry.. but there will be one up next weekend! :* xx

Hello my lovelies,

My Shoes:

Black Sandals (NOT SOLD ANYMORE)
Black High Heeled Open Toe Shoe (CAN'T LINK BECAUSE ITS PRIMARK)
Brown Boots – (NOT SOLD ANYMORE)
Bear Paw Boots -…
Converse -…

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Much love as always,

Lauren! Xx


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Hot Shoe Collections

Women’s Fashion Rules : How to Wear Cowboy Boots With a Dress


Wearing cowboy boots with a dress adds a casual and classic look to your outfit. Make the most of this trend with the help of a professional model in this free video.

Expert: Wendi Braswell
Bio: Wendi Braswell is a former model and actress, with more than 25 years of experience working in the fashion industry.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Women's fashion changes rapidly, but these timeless rules still endure. Learn the secrets of women's fashion rules with the help of a former model in this free video series.


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Hot Shoe Collections

My Spring Shoe Collection


In this video, I share with you some of my favorite shoes for spring time. So yes, the bold colors and open toes are coming out! The shoes featured in this video range from peep toes, to wedges, to stilettos and everything in between.

The featured shoes in my spring shoe collection are all inexpensive but great quality. So you don't have to go out and by a pair of $300 shoes in order to have a “nice” shoe collection. The price range for my shoes are between $20-$130.

The best accessories for spring shoes are bright and bold nail polish colors. In this video I have on neon pink nail polish ( China Glaze Shocking Pink). So if you're wearing black strappy sandals, the bold nail polish is guaranteed to turn some heads! Just make sure your nail polish isn't chipped! (not a good look!)

All of the shoes in this video are perfect for summer too! So, have fun with your shoes! The brighter the colors, the better and the higher the heel… even better!


1) Posey -01 (Orange Capped Toed Heels) – Sheikh Shoes
2) Kit (Black and White Aztec Print Heels) – Shoe Dazzle
3) Anne Michelle Enzo -01 (Nude Single Sole Heels) – Alloy
4) Pink and Tan Wedges – Shoeland
5) BCBGirls Wedges – Ross
6) Mix No. 6 *Meeka (Tan Wedges) – DSW
7) HerStyle (Neon Yellow Heels) – Burlington Coat Factory
8) Jeffrey Campbell Audrey 2 (Blush Colored Wedges) – Nasty Gal
9) Anne Michelle Enzo -01 (Black Single Soled Heels) – Alloy
10) Anne Michelle Perton 18 (White, Brown and Gold Heels) – Burlington Coat Factory


Instagram: @luxestreetchic
Twitter: @LuxeStreetChic

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*Music: Nas ft Ginuwine “You owe me” (sango edit)


ABOUT LuxeStreetChic

LuxeStreetChic is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brand which not only provides tips on outside beauty, but also inner beauty. This channel's sole purpose is to inspire and uplift women through fashion, natural hair tutorials, makeup and uplifting messages.

LuxeStreetChic's founder, Amaris Lee Devieux is a beauty blogger and a fashion blogger. Amaris specializes in fashion for less and beauty for less. Among her peers, Amaris serves as a style inspiration with her outfit of the days(ootd/ootn) and her hairstyles for 3c natural hair. Amaris Lee Devieux's love for fashion, beauty, natural haircare and uplifting women led her to create the fashion and beauty powerhouse known as LuxeStreetChic.

Contact Amaris Lee Devieux at:


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DJ Khaled goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


DJ Khaled goes sneaker shopping with Joe La Puma at Shoe Gallery in Miami and discusses Air Jordans, working out in Yeezy Boosts, and if he still loves LeBrons.

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COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.


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Hot Shoe Collections

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013 Sexy Stiletto Shoe Collection | MODTV

hqdefault.jpg See the Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013 Collection. Giuseppe Zanotti is the king of the sexy stiletto, gives us an exclusive preview of his Fall 2013 Shoe Collection. His private invitation only press presentation at Milan Fashion week is a ‘must see' event for the world's fashion editors, models and celebrity clients like Janet Jackson. To shop the collection now visit Video by MODTV

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Why are so many women in love with Giuseppe Zanotti's sexy shoes? “It's how they make you feel. It's almost like he's an architect of shoes” Tanya Semikoz, Fashion Editor of Marie Claire UK explains. “When you put them on you feel like a million dollars”.

Glamour UK Magazine Editor in Chief Jo Elvin also applauds his innovative approach to design. “Giuseppe Zanotti is glamour, uber-glamour. If you want to feel sexy, powerful, glamorous, in a pair of stomping glamazonian high heels, then Giuseppe Zanotti is your man”. Zanotti is one of the most celebrated shoe designers working today. Named “Designer of the Year” three times (2000, 2007, 2009) by Fairchild and won the “Prix d'Excellence de la Mode” for best footwear collection by Marie Claire International in 2010.

Watch our exclusive behind the scenes video with Giuseppe Zanotti and get a first look at his Fall 2013 Collection. Featuring interviews with Vogue Japan's Anna Dello Russo, Purple Magazine's Olivier Zahm and fashion stylist Tina Leung, Glamour Magazine EIC Joe Elvin and Marie Claire UK's Tanya Semikoz.

Video by MODTV

Directed by Karen Morrison
Camera Giovanni Sicignano


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10 Most Bizarre Shoes On Pinterest


10 crazy and weird shoes that will make you cringe.
The great thing about fashion is that pretty much anything goes. But that doesn’t mean it’s always good. Fashion fails are pretty common and these whacky shoes are proof of that. You wouldn’t wear them to the bar, you couldn’t wear them to work, and heck, you likely wouldn’t even wear them secretly around your own house. Yes, they’re really that bad.

Generally, shoes are made for walking around in; to protect your feet and keep you comfortable throughout the day and night. But it’s questionable whether you would be able to walk in some of these at all. A pair of heeled flippers would likely have you flopping around as you walk, and pointe shoes that tower high above the ground would have anyone in miserable pain. And then there are the downright ugly shoes such as the hooved heels and denim sandal boots. Yes, denim sandal boots.

These shoes are total fashion fails in every sense of the word. They take wild to a whole new level, and no, not in a good way. It’s a wonder why they even came to be in the first place. Bad taste and horrible designs seemed to go hand in hand for these WTF shoes.

Our Social Media:
Gunned Down
Ballet Towers
Fashion Faux Pas
Bare Foot Claws
Flipped Out
Chair Shoes
Big Boaters
Geometric Platforms
Blue Jean Baby
Two for One Heels

For more videos and articles visit:



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Summer Shoe Collection 2016 | TheTiaraMakia


Hey loves! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve uploaded; this summer I was working two jobs and taking summer classes! I’m glad I am finally able to get a new vid up for you all because I’ve missed you! I know I don’t have the prettiest feet or the greatest legs, but I am thankful to have them! Be nice!

Make sure you watch in HD***

I’ve included links to each shoe or something similar! (lots of them are on sale now!!!)

Gianni Bini “Braydie”-

Nike Free 5.0 –

Yeezy Boost 350 – or cheaper ones here:

Hunter Rain Boots –

Lucky Brand “Honeyy” –

Gianni Bini “Kenna” –

Gianni Bini “Fringed-Out” –

Mossimo Supply Co. “Lizzy” –

Mossimo Supply Co. “Cassie” –

Forever 21 Black Chunky Heel Sandals –

Lucky Brand “Hannela” –

Pierre Dumas “Hester” –

Lucky Brand “Laceey” –*N

Gianni Bini “Krissie” –

Gianni Bini “Hadley” –

Gianni Bini “Fired Up” –

Music: Gold by Kiiara – Thombs and Caballo Remix

Let’s be social 🙂
Instagram: @TheTiaraMakia
Twitter: @TheTiaraMakia



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10 Fashion Hacks | Cleaning White Shoes


10 fashion life hacks | fashion hacks you need to know | cleaning white shoes | cleaning with Vodka | Fixing Hem | Expanding Tight Shoes | Removing Odour from Clothes or Shoes | Cleaning Sunglasses | Cleaning Suede | Drying Delicates

Hey guys. Here's a few fashion hacks that can be very useful.
1-2) You can use vodka as a cleaning agent, or you can use it to remove odour on your clothes/shoes. All I did is to dilute the vodka with some water. The solution helps cut right through sunscreen or sunblock on your sunnies. Vodka is also antiseptic which is great to remove the bacteria on your sunnies! On top of that you can use vodka to clean your windows!

3) Removing oil stains with baby powder. This actually works as powder absorbs oil. Leave it for a couple of hours or even 24 hours. Dust it off and see whether there is anymore oil stain. If there is, then apply more powder. Don't wash it until the oil stain is gone! It will be more difficult to remove the oil stain after you have washed it.

4) Cleaning White shoes. So as you guys know. I am obsessed with white shoes and keeping them white was challenging at first. I have tried several methods and finally found the most effective method, that is cleaning it with chux. I have cleaned it using detergent and water, and also with bleach. What that did it that it leaves nasty yellow stain on the shoes. It looks like water stain. I was not very happy about that so I decided to use the left over magic chux I have at home. I use it to remove marks from my white table and walls. So I thought I would use it to clean up all the yellow marks/stain on the shoes and it worked! I had no idea that it is going to work. It is honestly the most effective way to clean your white shoes. I have also used baking soda/water mix before but it does not work as great as using chux. You can definitely try it if you don't have chux at home because it does work, but not for really stubborn scuff marks. You can also try baking soda/white vinegar mix. That is slightly stronger but overall using chux is my favourite method.

5) Ironing collars with flat iron. So much easier that using an iron or steam iron. Less chance of burning your hands too!

6) Expanding your heels or shoes by leaving them in the fridge with zip lock bags filled with water for a day, or more! It will definitely expand the shoes but don't recommend it to expensive leather designers heels because there will be water condensation on the shoes when you took them out from the fridge. Alternatively you can try wearing thick socks and stuff your feet in the shoes. This is going to be difficult because the shoes are already tight. Then use your hair dryer to heat up the shoes to expand it. Again you don't want to do this to your leather shoes because you may damage your shoes! My heels was a pair of faux leather heels. So if you want to buy expensive designer's shoes, you better get your size right. If not return it! Most shops have good return policies haha 🙂

7) Use a glue gun to fix hem. Make sure you let your glue cool down a little before you apply on your clothes. Apply just a little and your hemline is fixed! Make sure you don't use it on chiffon, silk and heat sensitive fabrics because these fabrics do not react well with high heat.

8) Use a salad spinner to dry hand washed clothes. This is really useful for us girls who hand wash our intimate apparels!

9) Remove odour with tea bags or baking soda. I have tried baking soda in the past and it can get really messy! Tea bags is a less messy and easier option.

10) Clean suede with a clean toothbrush. This works but stroke it softly and best in one direction. You will be surprised how much better your suede looks!

►►► MY LINKS ►►►

Snapchat: chloe_ting

►►► MUSIC ►►►
DJ Palette


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The Best Paris Fashion Week Street Style Shoes! | Fashion Week Spring 2014


Across all four cities this Fall, we've seen a shift toward a more minimal, buttoned-down street style aesthetic. But that doesn't mean any showgoer heading into a Spring 2014 runway show in Paris is going to scrimp on shoes. Get an all-angles look at the well-heeled feet of Fashion Week.

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Nike || Shoe Unboxing



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instagram || @haijojoface

Nike Roshe Run Premium iD Women's Shoe

What I'm Wearing:
– Jumper: H&M
– Lipstick: MAC's Sheer Plum

Camera: Nikon 1 J1 10.1 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera
NIKKOR VR 10-30mm Lens
Movie Editor: Final Cut Pro X


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Are Boots Appropriate for Business Casual? : Fashion for Women Over 40


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The style “business casual” has some pretty specific rules that go along with it. Learn whether or not boots are appropriate for business casual with help from a style expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Bryn Taylor
Bio: Bryn Taylor is a style expert and founder of The Re-Stylist, a personal styling firm in New York and San Francisco.
Filmmaker: Pierre Forcioli-Conti

Series Description: There is never an age that is considered “too old” to be fashionable – its all about what you wear and how you wear it. Learn about fashion for women over 40 with help from a style expert in this free video series.


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Hot Shoe Collections

MAY FAVORITES 2016 | Makeup, Fashion, Shoes & More!


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May 2016 Favorites! SO much good stuff so thanks for watching and being here with me! XO

EXTRA 15% OFF ALL TOP SKINCARE BRANDS like SkinMedica, Neocutis, SkinCeuticals, Epionce and more with COUPON CODE: Brianna15 (Obagi is Already Marked Down Now 😉

Becca x Jaclynn Hill Face Palette |

Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude Lip Liner
Nordstrom |
Beautylish |

Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate Lipstick
Nordstrom |
Beautylish |
Chantecaille Lip Chic Lipsticks |

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara
Nordstrom |
Beautylish |

Becca Luminous Blushes |

Chanel Bronze Universal |

Gerda Spillman Bio Fond Foundation (I am in Bijou) |

La Mer The Powder |

Vita Liberata Dry Oil Buildable Tan |

Larabars |

Wrap Tie Sandals |

Sundry Stripe Tie Waist Dress |

Sundry Ombre Tee Dress |


INSTAGRAM @BriannaStanko
SNAPCHAT bristanko

Gerda Spillman Bio Fond in Bijou
La Mer Concealer in medium |
Chanel Universal Bronze |
Becca Face Palette |

Charlotte Tilbury Cream Shadow in Marie Antoinette |
Viseart Matte Palette |
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara |

Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude Liner |
Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate |


HAUTELOOK| Huge savings on all the best clothing brands, beauty products, and home stuff!

EBATES| Get money back when you shop online!…

See you guys soon!

Premier Look
Brianna Stanko
3455 Peachtree Rd NE
Suite 500
Atlanta GA 30326

**Some links may be affiliate links. If you use my links I appreciate your support!


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Amourplato Real Handcrafted Women’s Ladies Fashion MRIriza Pumps sandals boots flats shoes


rubber sole
Heel measures approximately 85mm 100mm 120mm 3.15inches 4inches 4.7inches ” Fits true to size, take your normal size,heel height may vary by size.Note:Since each computer screen is not the same, so there is little difference in kind with pictures you see on the computer.
Brand New:100% money back guarantee. Comments:100 % satisfaction guaranteed. Heel Height: 8.5cm 10cm 12cm pumps sandals shoes only shoes maker
CUSTOMIZATION colors,high heels and genuine leather are available
Comes with dust bag, 100% Guarantee Free Return and Exchange, 100% Money Back
Aibarbie's Named after one of his favorite neighborhoods in China, “Drigalle” is Monsieur aibarbie's most iconic style. With its fine stiletto heel and pointed toe, this celebrated model is a stunning look for business and pleasure alike. The 85mm 100mm 120mm version in nude patent leather will keep you comfortable on your feet from rendezvous to rendezvous.


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Platform Shoes – 1970s Fashion Trend


Mini documentary from the 1970s discussing the latest trend – platform shoes! Fashionistas, experts and members of the public are vox popped on the topic.

Watch the original 5 minute documentary here:

The music is “Don't Come Knocking” by The Dedicated Men, recorded for British Pathe in 1966, watch the performance here:

Find more vintage fashion footage on our channel VINTAGE FASHIONS:

Or be ahead of the rest and explore our archive of 90,000 clips on

If you share this clip on Twitter then do let us know and we can tweet you too@britishpathe:


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Women’s Fashion : How to Wear Cowboy Boots for Women


Cowboy boots are a very specific look that requires a few different things in order to pull off. Find out how to wear cowboy boots for women with help from an image consultant in this free video clip.

Expert: Tressa Branin
Bio: Tressa Branin is the owner and founder of Total Style Solutions, Inc., an image consulting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Filmmaker: Nathan Moffett

Series Description: A variety of different situations and occasions will require different fashion tips, tricks and accessories. Learn about women's fashion with help from an image consultant in this free video series.


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